The Arrest at Notre Dame

It was 1995 and I was on tour with the band Chicago and they were playing the after game party at Notre Dame so off to Indiana we go. We had been on tour for a little over a month out of a six month scheduled tour and we were all just getting to know each other but I had yet to run across anyone I didn’t like.

When we arrived at the stadium the police were there and were supposed to have saved us some spots on the curb in front of the stadium but for whatever reason that hadn’t happened and they were trying to figure out where to put us. After about an hour our production manager pointed out to them that this was cutting into the coach driver’s sleep and that wasn’t a good thing since they literally put their lives in our hands every night while they slept in their bunks. They finally decided they would just pull us on onto the sidewalk and post guards around the coaches. It wasn’t much fun pulling the coaches up over the curb since they sit about six inches off the ground but we finally got all four of them up on the curb and the limo took the drivers to the hotel so we could get some much needed sleep for the six hundred mile drive we were going to have to make after the show.

I was in a deep sleep and having some very odd dreams. I remember I was sitting in a Dr’s office when the phone behind the receiving desk began ringing, but not in the way a normal office phone would ring. It was some weird sounding electronic ring and the receptionist just sat there looking at the phone like she didn’t understand the bizarre sound it was making. I finally said “Hey lady! Pick up the phone already” and she said “Why would I do that? It’s your phone that’s ringing”! I suddenly realized it was my cell phone ringing and I was still in a sleep induced fog when I said “hello”. A voice on the other end started talking quickly and I had to ask them to repeat it. They said “The police are going to be knocking on your door any second to arrest you but don’t worry” and they hung up. As I was sitting there looking around the room trying to decide it what just happened was real or a part of the crazy dream I was having there was a pounding at the door and I heard them say “POLICE! Answer the door”! I got up and opened the door and there were three cops standing there. They said “You’re under arrest. You need to get dressed and come with us”. I had no clue what was going on but since I had decided all this was just another part of my crazy dream I would go along with it and see what happened. They took me down and I got in the cop car, but not in the back like you would think you would if you were under arrest. They opened the passenger door and I got in. That was right around the time I remembered thinking how weird it was if I was really under arrest that they didn’t put handcuffs on me. I was just about to ask why that was when we came around a corner and there were the coaches. Not just them, but about fifteen cop cars, a couple of ambulances, two fire trucks and a couple of other cars with blinking lights that I couldn’t even identify. I said “What in the world is going on” and the cop said “You’ll find out in just a minute”.

He pulled up and as we got out I saw the production manager for the tour walking up to me and he looked really unhappy. When he got close he said “Would you believe all this is over about a quart of diesel fuel”? I said “What?” and he said “Apparently the fuel line for the generator sprang a tiny leak and dumped about a quart of diesel fuel out onto the sidewalk and this is what happened” as he swept his arms around to point to all the cars, fire trucks, ambulances, etc. I asked him if I was going to have to go to jail and he said no, that he had taken care of it but something about the rules said that they had to go through the motions of arresting me for the records or some crap like that. I went over to my coach and opened the bay that held the 5KW generator and opened it, then slid the generator out on the tracks designed so you can pull it out and work on it. I immediately saw the problem. One of the injector lines had loosened up from the vibration of the engine so I got my tool box and within five minutes the problem was fixed. The cops took me back to my room but of course by then I had only an hour or so left so I showered and drank twice as much coffee than I normally did and got ready for the drive that night. I found out later on that for the quart of fuel that leaked out onto the sidewalk a fine of seventeen THOUSAND dollars had been paid. I guess they needed that to pay for all those flashy lights on the vehicles they raced to the scene of the crime in. Just when you think you’ve seen it all…….



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