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Discussion in 'Pet Central' started by TruckDuo, Jan 15, 2016.

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    Don't feed the feral cat Villie.

    Not sure where tripod is, but his loudmouth friend isn't happy. He's talkative. I ask a question and I get a response.

    On a musing whim I asked where tripod is. Long pause followed by a real soft meow. Loudmouth started looking at the ground.

    Probably just my imagination but I swear that cat understands. And if I understood loudmouth, then I may not be seeing tripod anymore. :(
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    Probably not quite that much. My brother has been into it for a few years, since before drones became more affordable, and that's part of why we've seen this skyrocketing trend in drone users.

    I got one off Amazon for 60$...

    But then you have arseholes (read: idiots) who do crap like in that video and everybody wants to go shoot that drone.
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