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  1. Doc B

    Doc B Not a real doctor scooter has nothing extra on it at all. No tachometer, no gear shift display, no storage space etc. They built it using the old school thought which is you don't need anything you're not carrying on you and you should know your putt well enough to not need all that other stuff. I rode motorcycles like that cross country when I was younger, but I'm far from young anymore and I need at least a small place to put some things like a jacket, my billfold, proof of registration and insurance, etc. I looked online for a week for something that would fit my needs and the cheapest thing I found was $70-100 and according to all the reviews they were paper thin and lasted a season if you're lucky. For something decent it was $200 and up. That seemed ridiculous to me so I looked around the house and lo and behold there was the old igloo lunch cooler Mae used to use in the storage closet. After a trip to Lowes where I bought some flat steel, washers, and nuts I spent $15. Got home and broke out the grinder and drill and now I have a nice little trunk attached to the luggage rack. It's bright orange with a white top but that's not a problem since my cousin who owns a body shop told me he'd paint it to match my scoot if I'd look at a problem he's having with his laptop so I should be good to go in a couple of days when the rain ends.
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  2. GAnthony

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    for me, i liked saddle bags. as you saw in my posted pics a few posts back. as for a trunk, had i had say a full custom touring bike, then a trunk would have been standard equipment. no, not too many of us are young anymore, and "some room" to store a few things as you mentioned is a good idea.

    then too, some of us also need to take along our meds......!!!!!

    where da heck does one store all of about 38 med bottles..??????

    maybe, a trike, with a HUGE TRUNK...!!!!!!!!!
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    I love the saddle bags and the tour pack on my Harley,
    I put jacket and chaps and carry a rain suit also in one saddle bag .
    in the other bag carry soft sided cooler bag that fits in that I can put water and ice in
    the tour pack holds a little bit of everything
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