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    It wasn't bent, it was twisted. Like it was clamped in a vise and then a eighty foot long monkey wrench was put on the other end of it and twisted it 90 degrees out of the correct position. I've worked the flight deck and AIMD too and was stationed at Miramar for several years and have seen many of them. You can actually see my barracks room window in the Top Gun movie when they are playing volleyball. The scene in that one Star Trek movie where Chekhov asks "Where are the nuclear wessels ? " was filmed on board the USS Ranger CV-61 while I was still assigned to it. The movie acts like its on the USS Enterprise CVN-65 in San Francisco Bay but it wasn't available then so they filmed it on Ranger in San Diego while we were tied up at North Island NAS. The S-3 Viking anti submarine planes and the helicopters were stationed there and usually 3 carriers were home ported there. NAS Miramar was where all the West Coast F-14 Tomcats and all the West Coast E-2C Hawkeye AWAC planes were stationed. Of course the advanced training squadron was stationed there too and yes it was named Top Gun way before the movie. I sailed on an around the world cruise on board the USS Enterprise later.

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