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  1. cranky yankee

    cranky yankee Resident Sea Dog

    Bobby Orr Phil Esposito and that bunch was last hockey players
  2. mountaingote

    mountaingote Gote With a Tude & a BIG Hammer Staff Member

    They were excellent
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  3. TLG87

    TLG87 Pole Kitten (Resident Sweetie)

    And when they did 80c / dozen day here a few weeks ago (which f'd traffic for hours), their little video ad had a roach fall in the glaze :confused:
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  4. Vilhiem

    Vilhiem Wiki Willie (Captain Obvious)

    A deal so good, everybody wants in!
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  5. Ming

    Ming Lord High Executioner

    Cheech was staring over my shoulder and suddenly said " Oh, wow Man ..... I'd forgotten where I'd dropped that, Man "

    He's been at the KK all day ......... Man ...
  6. Doc B

    Doc B Drummer's do it with the back beat Staff Member

    I have to call BS. No way Cheech drops a roach. :rolleyes:
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  7. Vorador

    Vorador Head Dog

    Growed up callin' 'em Dunkin DONUTS, and that's how they gonna stay. I don't do change.
  8. Doc B

    Doc B Drummer's do it with the back beat Staff Member

    Every day is Monday?:rolleyes:
    I agree though...I'm not changing that. Been calling them that too many years.
  9. Blu_Ogre

    Blu_Ogre Resident Happy Hippie

    I only knew of one location for Dunkin Donuts growing up. I thought they were the most bland tasteless donuts I ever had Worse than Hostess boxed donuts. Seems they all 15 California stores shut down in the 90s. They are just now starting to ooze into Cali Again.

    I so much preferred the local ones in the 60's -- typically run by old military guys. And the Asian run ones that started taking over in the 80's where actually pretty descent compared to DD. One of the things we have not found up here is a good doughnut place.
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  10. GAnthony

    GAnthony Official ORD Oddball

    they also most likely did not follow the recipes for the donuts, up to and including either deep frying or baking them. also, here we have a HUGE d/c center built and managed by the owners of the franchises. what happened was that (as i recall) the ingredients were coming from different vendors, each time, if one vendor did not have enough flour, than another vendor had to supply it, and the mix was either different of not up to the DD standards.

    so all the franchise owners got together and built a d/c center, in or near Franklin, MA (i went there for a yardman's job, wanting to get off the road)..then years later, they built even a BIGGER in another town, can't recall the name right now...goes to show, how DD is growing nationally.

    i'd highly suspect that soon, a huge d/c center will be built in or very near the CA/state line area.....and the jobs that will create is enormous!!!!!!

    so for DD to "fail" in CA is not to be blamed on taste per se, but where did the supplies come from? i can asure anyone, once a d/c center is built, DD will be at every street corner like here, and giving another trucker directions will be VERY easy..

    "go down Rte 5 till the DD on the left at the light. take that left, follow about 1.5 miles to the DD on the right, take that right, then go on about 4 miles to the DD on the left, but take that right, is your stop"
  11. Blu_Ogre

    Blu_Ogre Resident Happy Hippie

    I would be inclined to go along with your statements about flavor GA if it were not for attempting to try one at the location near the Jeffersonville OH TA. I took a couple of bites and through the rest away.

    The rest I can see happening. The sheep that have been moving west will continue to want their East coast chains (reminder--- too me anything east of Omaha is "east cost"). Growth I think will be slower than you project cause those that have been out here a while will continue to seek out and patronize local/regional stores. And that growth will be in the big Metro areas first .... Mall food courts and redeveloped high-rise downtown areas to begin. We still have a lot of small towns spread out (with miles to the next town) that are too small for a local shop, big chain not a chance.

    My bet for regional DC locations would be Phoenix, Reno Metro, or SLC The may choose to put a smaller DC in the LA basin because of the market potential of that area. If they do I would hope that they look at the Ontario/Riverside/Colton area for ease of access in and out.

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