OOIDA has a workaround for ACA insurance.

Discussion in 'Rules and Regulations' started by Blu_Ogre, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Blu_Ogre

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    Trying to stay out of the political section with this so please folks keep it professional.

    OOIDA mentioned on their radio show (a while back) that they had MEC coverage available for all members so I scratched around a bit.

    It seems that the insurance companies and the states have not been offering true minimum compliance level insurance through the marketplaces. The minimum coverage required under ACA/ObamaCare is detailed on this page https://www.healthcare.gov/coverage/what-marketplace-plans-cover/. Any plan that covers those requirements qualifies and negates the IRS penalty.

    Now OOIDA is offering the MEC plan for $65 per month to members. It's a national plan that bypasses the state and federal marketplaces. It also counts as coverage in case Trump gets his way and increases rates on folks that have a laps of coverage. OOIDAs page for their MEC is here: http://www.ooida.com/BenefitsServices/Services/MedicalBenefits/MecHip/default.asp

    In my reading through the B.S., what it looks like to me, is you are signing up for a year of prepaid doctor visits. Not sure it's the best for everyone but we all need to know it's a choice that's out there.
  2. Doc B

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    Nobody knows what the heck is going on with healthcare right now. I wouldn't count on anything at this point.
  3. Blu_Ogre

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    I agree but this looks like a good cover all the bases move for me and the wife.
  4. Doc B

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    I hope it is and I wish you luck, but you know insurance companies rule the world and if they decide to change the rules in the middle of the river they will just do it........and it SUCKS
  5. Blu_Ogre

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    I get and agree with what you're saying.

    Insurance companies are just another form of Government to me. And they are both equally despised by me.

    Just want to get word out about how to bypass the built in "up sell" they have in the Government Websites. "Up Sell" I think is a pretty soft term for what they do on the insurance market place site. What they are doing is close to fraud by omission by not publishing and offering this choice on the government approved sites.
  6. Doc B

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    Oh sure...nothing against what you're doing. I've just been bent over too many times.

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