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    It's a sore subject. Seems to be happening more since I left. Theories abound of why....but I know a few drivers who have literally caught CS in a lie claiming a load was cancelled yet iwith a call to the shipper found out it was still a valid load going on a company truck.
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    That was the root of my concern.....

    I have been on the other side of that at LS. Agent gives me the load I call in on that he had just given to an outside truck, and cancels the outside truck.
    Had a couple where the shipper can't seem to get the rate con to the LS agent, So I tell them "f'getaboutit, I'll find somtin else".
    Unfortunately had 2 where I had to cancel cause the truck wanted quality time with a mechanic..........
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    Given it was $2.50 a mile and from a pretty consistent shipper in Northern Kentucky - I have my suspicions but, I'll give them the first one. It is their authority, permits, trailers, and accounting that I'm piggy backing so, if they want one back.... Ok. Plus, I don't want to start a relationship knowing they are cheats; that's bad for the heart.
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    It's just something to keep in mind.

    It's one one the reasons I suggested not booking to far ahead. The loads in question I have personal knowledge on were P&G loads from Utah to Tunk that paid enough to give you your weekly revenu goal in one trip. There's a guy I knew that would deadhead from Denver for them (where he lived) since freight is notiriuosly cheap out of Denver.

    One one trip he got a "load pushed out several days" message....well P&G being a place you can call for load status he called and checked and lo and behold it was ready to go so he went in and grabbed it.

    He was told it was just a "miscommunication"....but suddenly those loads are rarely if ever offered anymore.
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    Here are the numbers for Week 1+ (chasing the first MT and load through Cincy added):

    3305 miles driven
    Revenue: $1.3396 per mile
    Expenses: $0.5525

    Lowlights include: missing a pair of loads paying a combined $2100 for 2.5 days work because I wanted to avoid the cancellation issue. Monster pots happen with or without me - there will be other ones, but I'm more apt to pull the trigger next time. Running 2 hours late on my Saturday load because I shut it down in Indy during a snowy rush hour. I would do it again but maybe not take such a tight window at week's end.

    Going to need to step up the rate chasing before the truck payments start.

    FatDaddy was right about Choice, own your truck and it is a license to print money.
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    I would suggest experimenting with a load out of the house to the northeast. Spend another 2 days running 2 short hauls a day then start making your way slowly but surely back.

    Nothing over 300 miles out of there pays worth a shit but you can start stringing shortest together in the right direction to get you home.

    I suggest looking for TSC loads out Camp Hill PA. Multi stop loads but nice and easy, pay good and I always enjoyed doing them.
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