The regs you hate the most?

Discussion in 'Rules and Regulations' started by Blu_Ogre, Apr 11, 2017.

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    OOIDA is doing a survey for the most disliked regs either on the books or proposed. MJ was trying to get folks to do the Survey so figure I would also push you folks to do it also. You can get to the survey from here:

    Doing a survey is but one small thing in a big production. I would encourage you all to call up your reps as OOIDA suggests once you make a list of your issues and how to fix them.

    I would also like to see us discuss here what regs are the worst from our individual perspectives. The worst 10 list will be ordered differently for most of us because we do not operate the same. @cbholister is in a day cab and paid hourly near ATL metro. His pissed off list is most likely different from mine being home based out of the PNW (heck mine is different when thinking about running shorties and when I air it out a bit). And @RedForeman though also an O/O will also be different than mine as I am leased on to a carrier (I think his safety manager is way cooler than the Safety Organization I have to deal with).

    My top 3 are:
    1) The 70 hr/8 day rule. I can work with the 11 hour part of HOS rules. But to regulate me to 8 3/4 average per day ( if not taking a day off ) is an overreaching regulation. As a professional it was very easy to build my stamina to 10/11 hours driving per day. As a contract carrier It hurts my business to be required to either run less than my potential or take a day off bored silly at a place I do not really want to be. The bored silly part is a major psychological and stress full burden to me. It also throws off my internal clock that I feel degrades my safety for drive shift or 2 after taking a reset. Blue laws have always frustrate me. And to me this part of the reg is just another blue law. Really I have no interest in visiting a church, let alone one outside of my area.

    2) The California Truck and Bus statutes, the ones that require EPA2007 and newer engines and Aero devices on trailers. It's the Cali regs I have an issue with. The EPA 2007 an newer engines have proven themselves to be not reliable. The industry may be approaching the point where reliability can be graded as a solid D in the American school grade system. As I look at my 800,000 truck (which should only be half used up) I am seriously looking at trading it in so that the inevitable catastrophic failure happens to someone else instead of me. Even if I am fortunate enough to avoid the failure I am confident electrical and emissions gremlins will eat away my pocket book shortly. Unfortunately my business model requires me to run Cali so I can not look for a pre-emissions truck. I am not sure I want to take on a $50k loan to upgrade to a newer truck that may be only marginally more reliable.

    3) The 30 minute break rule has caused me severe intestinal distress. My body usually wants to take a 15 minute bio break about 2 hrs into a shift. The regs a written in such a way that it is in the best interest of the clock to hold it till at least 3 hours in. Really whoever wrote this needs to be buried under a pile of feces and then drowned in Urine that was held in by truckers for the extra hour. There are also times, if the ETA was tight, I run sleeper splits to avoid the extra time added to a run by this reg. It's a union favoring law not a safety reg. In fact it impairs my ability to operate safely.
  2. Fatdaddy

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    I did the survey not to long ago.

    14 hour rule far and away the worst regulation and not even close in my mind. I wake up at 0800. Drive to my 0900 appointment and get held there till 1500. Now even though I slept in the bunk for 2-3 hours the law says I am now going to be too tired after 2200. So now I'm gonna push hard for 7 straight hours because that's all I can drive instead of maybe catching another nap along the way which is safer.

    Since going LTL the 30 minute break is also a thorn in my side.
  3. mj1657

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    Enough said. Fucking ridiculous.
  4. mountaingote

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    Throw away the 14, bring back sleep when you want, and half the problems will disappear
  5. cranky yankee

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    what regulations
  6. flyingmusician

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    The elog of course. Not one I think we stand a chance in hell of changing. Even as I have learned to manipulate it and push it to its extreme limits on a daily basis, the fact that it still leaves me taking 10 less than 100 miles from home on Friday......or having to stop 50 miles short because the shipper was 10 minutes too far and I could have parked there....when I could have damn well got there without killing puppies and nuns is really about to try my patience as often as it happens.

    The 30 minute break is by far the biggest piece of useless time wasting nothing of a rule that has been implemented during my time in the seat. absolutely useless when I get 30 minutes of rest on most live loads and before that if I felt tired I just pulled over and rested for a few and continued on. It wastes and adds at a minimum 3hrs+ to every workweek for no reason and if the clock falls wrong then I end up having to take 2 of them in a shift.

    I haven't known anything but the 14 rule so the days before it I can't comment on. I've always had to work under that constraint but any off duty time once the clock starts should stop the damn clock. If I'm held up for a couple hours I'm resting anyway that time shouldn't count against me. It's nothing but a way to limit our ability to earn under the guise of 'safety'
  7. cbholister

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    I agree with the 14 hour rule as being a big problem but it's not as bad with me running local for a dedicated company because we usually take priority over others. We do use peoplenet so I have to take a 30 but I usually have somewhere hold me up that long with all the stops I normally have but it is aggravating.

    When I ran that out of town route I was constantly pushing to get stops off because the clock was ticking and I had to wait for a dock because most only had one. There needs to be some flexibility.
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  8. cbholister

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    I'm actually just sitting now while it ticks away but at 3:30 they shut down and I go home so I don't care. Lolol.
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    I was behind this guy on Tuesday. IMG_20170410_150124392-2624x1476.jpg
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    Good thing he was ahead of you, so when he drifts off you'll be safe...
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    The one rule that I absolutely despise is the 14 hour rule. I miss the flexibility of the ol 8/10 rule. It should be, we know it probably won't, structured so that is you need a 3 hour nap in order to be safe, that it won't count against your total time. The 8/2 split is a weak attempt. I personally do not sleep but 4-5 hours per night.
    This rule has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with comtrol. Since the majority of rules are written for enforcement upon company drivers. Or so it seems. That's just my take.
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    You get one too, Shane

  13. Prince of 'Doc'ness

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    That is one big ass star!
  14. I have no complaints on my end. But I am a local driver paid hourly and using the 100 air mile radius exemption. That means no log books or bs for me. Just limited to working 12 hours a day and 60 hours a week, and must have 10 hours off between shifts. That all works to my advantage because I don't want to work more than that and my boss can't make me.
  15. Vorador

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    Regs I hate the most???

    Hell, why discriminate? I hate 'em all.
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    Not being able to touch the dancers....uh oh....wait. Is this about something else?
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    I thought this was the topless thread
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    I'll kick that off...
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    Post yer sardine can pics. :crylaugh:

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