Trailer ABS Warning lights.

Discussion in 'Tips & Tricks' started by Blu_Ogre, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Blu_Ogre

    Blu_Ogre Resident Happy Hippie

    I have come across a couple of trailer ABS warning lights. The one on the outside rear of the trailer and the one where a light or graphic shows in the tractor.

    What are appropriate driver checks and fixes for each other than: Ignore the warning, cover the light, remove the light, or cutting the wires to the light?
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  2. mountaingote

    mountaingote Gote With a Tude & a BIG Hammer Staff Member

    I get the feeling that someone is being facetious...
  3. cranky yankee

    cranky yankee Resident Sea Dog

    of course the correct response is stop get it fixed
    There is a reason the light comes on and it can amount to an expensive time consuming fix on the road
    Of course you cut a wire like I do your screwed if you get stopped
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  4. Blu_Ogre

    Blu_Ogre Resident Happy Hippie

    Nope not really, Always pulled a company trailer before and would just dump it at a shop. Now that it is my trailer and My truck figured it would be good to bring a discussion out to help out myself and other folks that may be new to giving a crap.
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  5. mountaingote

    mountaingote Gote With a Tude & a BIG Hammer Staff Member

    Sometimes it's a wheel end sensor, sometimes a loos wire, sometimes just dirt or brake dust. At any rate, it's worth fixing
  6. cranky yankee

    cranky yankee Resident Sea Dog

    well there is a reason the light comes on
    it can be as simple as a bad wire
    brakes out of adjustment
    or need to do a brake job with drum replacement
    an oil seal leaking making the abs covered in oil
  7. Cheesehead

    Cheesehead Head Dog Staff Member

    Dumbass question of the day but it's only a violation if it doesn'tgo out right? It comes on briefly every time I use the brakes. This is the first trucks I had that did that but it does it on every trailer we have.
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  8. RedForeman

    RedForeman ORD Official Scholar

    That light is the alert to the scalemaster to pull you around back for a closer look and probably find more.

    9/10 it's a bad wheel sensor. Costs about the same as getting a hub seal replaced, since that's basically the job.

    That said, I went several rounds with my '02 Great Dane and abs light coming on. I finally figured it out myself, as it would more often come on when loaded, and usually when making a turn. I told the shop to pull the tandems off the rear axle (where the sensors are mounted) and check the hub bearing adjustment. They were loose, causing the hub to deflect when heavy and/or turning and set the abs code. Since the same shop did the last brake job, he ate it, and also checked/adjusted the front axle. No mo problems with that.
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  9. mountaingote

    mountaingote Gote With a Tude & a BIG Hammer Staff Member

    It's supposed to go on when the brakes are applied, then if it's working it goes right back off. If it stays on it tells the lawman that yer abs isn't working, hence you are a rolling hazard on the highway...
  10. TruckDuo

    TruckDuo Head Dog

    Can someone post a picture of the wheel sensor ? When I first started, a loaded trailer I picked had the ABS light on. Told our breakdown dept and they had me go to Wabash of Phoenix. They got under the trailer and did their thing. Light goes off but a few miles down the road it came back on. Called Wabash and they tell me it can't be completely fixed till the trailer is empty. I did what @cranky yankee suggested and unplugged it and went down the road. The ABS light is a pain in the ass for drivers who do a lot of drop and hook.
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  11. RedForeman

    RedForeman ORD Official Scholar

    In a level 1 inspection, you will be asked to cycle the ignition while the inspector observes the light. If it doesn't come on for a self test, you get a violation (1 point fwiw).

    In the diagram, the sensor (red) is fixed to the axle mounted in metal clip, and generates a signal from the interrupter ring (yellow) attached to the hub.

    The hub usually has to be removed to properly service it. Sometimes you can get away with just getting the brake drum out of the way.

  12. flyingmusician

    flyingmusician Official ORD Rocker

    That was mine today the sensor. 2 of them even just to make things more fun for the trailer guy. They checked out good on inbound post trip.

    Being it was an older trailer, we had our fingers crossed for the corrosion or loose wire fix.

    no such luck. Ended up being a full disassembly to fix.
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  13. Cheesehead

    Cheesehead Head Dog Staff Member

    Ok, not real surprised this is my first truck that works right
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